What Rules Should Visitors Follow When Wine Tasting?

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What to Expect at a Wine Tasting Session

Wine tasting is an exciting experience, a time to gain new knowledge and a chance to meet others with a similar interest. However, it may be thought of as quite intimidating for those who have not done this before. There are certainly some etiquette rules to be followed, and getting drunk will be frowned upon!

Learn to Swirl the Wine

Swirling the wine is an essential aspect of tasting it. The wine should be swirled around the mouth in such a way that it touches every surface. This is because the mouth's nerve endings and taste buds differ from one spot to another.

Is Spitting Acceptable?

When tasting a variety of different wines, the objective is to identify the flavours and the aromas, not to swallow it in one gulp. A vineyard will typically provide a spit bucket so that having swirled the wine around the mouth, the majority of it can be spit out.

How to Hold the Glass

There are numerous types of glasses for many different varieties of wine. However, the glass should generally be held by the stem rather than the hand cupped around the bowl. This is because if a person's palm is unusually warm or cold, holding the bowl can change the temperature and taste of the wine.

There is undoubtedly no reason to fear a wine tasting experience. However, by following the tips above, visitors are assured of an enjoyable occasion.