Peter has told his stories in schools and libraries all over the United Kingdom and beyond. In some areas where there are a high percentage of Asian pupils, he includes key Punjabi phrases and words that the pupils will be familiar with. He has also worked in many areas that are less culturally diverse, where his Indian stories help pupils and staff to develop a better understanding and appreciation of a different culture.

He can help pupils create and tell their own stories, covering performance techniques such as: Use of Voice, Movement and Gestures, and Making the Story Your Own. Children are easily drawn into his world of stories, and respond very well to his style of telling, which is full of energy, and is always engaging.

Peter can create story sessions based around a school's chosen theme, and has performed at many events, including: National Book Week, Black History Month, National Year of Reading, Anti-Bullying Week, and Diwali and Vasaikhi celebrations.

He has led many school assemblies, sometimes including his Dholak (Punjabi hand drum) in these sessions- whether they are for a small village school or a large city Primary, Peter is just as comfortable working with both, and drawing the pupils into his vivid stories of gods, princes, and foolish men!

'We had a brilliant time with Peter Chand. The best Storyteller yet, really exciting to listen to and watch, plus good with the kids' Stowlawn Primary School Wolverhampton