A River of Riddles- Tales of Akbar and Birbal

The mid 1500's, and the Mogul Emperor Akbar rules over an area that covers modern day India, Pakistan, and

Afghanistan. His place in history ensured, since having been crowned at the age of thirteen.

Amongst his Navratnas- The Nine Gems of the Royal Court is his Hindu Vizier Birbal, renowned for his wit and wisdom. Their exchanges on court matters, domestic disputes, and unfathomable conundrums have been told as folk tales in India and further, for many centuries. These riddle tales are now bought to life by renowned Indian Storyteller Peter Chand.

Join him on a journey to discover why aubergines are the tastiest food in the world, how to discover a man's mother tongue, and how many turns are there in capital city of Agraś A River of Riddles- how many can you crack?

(Originally commissioned by Kirklees Libraries)

Audience member Huddersfield Town Hall

"I enjoyed the mixture of humour and wisdom and wonder!"

Age suitability- 10 years and over Duration- 90 minutes with a short interval at mid point