The BrumJabi Brothers

Peter performs alongside Birmingham storyteller Chris Lowe under the name of The BrumJabi Brothers. Chris is an experienced and highly entertaining storyteller, who has been involved with the folk and storytelling scene for over thirty years. They tell Indian and European stories connected by a theme, which can be as varied as, death, marriage, childhood, or food. By highlighting the different attitudes in these Indo European stories, audiences can appreciate the differences and similarities of these two cultures on the same universal subjects. The two tellers work very well together, and the interaction between Peter and Chris has a dynamic all of it’s own. Peter and Chris won the commission for the Birmingham Festival Of Storytelling in 2005, with ‘Yama The Seeker’, an hour-long session relating stories of the Hindu god of death, Lord Yama, and his European counterpart The Grim Reaper.

At various times, both Peter Chand and Chris Lowe have held the title of ‘The Biggest Liar In Shropshire’, with their tall tales and wondrous ramblings!

BrumJabi brothers can also create a bespoke set for any theme of your choice.

BrumJabi.  Brum- from ‘Brummie’ one being born, growing up, or living in Birmingham. Jabi- as in Punjabi, one descended from the Punjab